Welcome to Chamber Music Organization. We are the University of Chicago's chamber music student organization dedicated to promoting, playing, and performing chamber music.

CMO is home to over 350 musicians, from winds to brass to strings, from med school to grad school to the college, from wind ensemble to chamber orchestra to the University Symphony Orchestra! Every year, CMO hosts Chamber Music Showcases, movie nights, concert trips, sight-reading parties, and more. We love classical music (and that stuff Phillip Glass wrote) and we want to spread our love to you. So come support us or join us - we welcome you to the family!

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Upcoming Events

1/15 - Sightreading Party: Come meet some fellow musicians and read some music! Drop by for our sightreading party anytime between 1-4pm in the Logan Penthouse. All musicians are welcome!

1/20 - Imani Winds Panel: Join us in the Logan Penthouse at 3:30pm to participate in a discussion with Imani Winds, our current ensemble in residence and Grammy Nominated artists. This panel will be on some of the important social issues in the classical music world. Refreshments will be provided. More details tbd!