Our Team

Co President

Sharon Zeng

Originally from Michigan, Sharon is a second-year Biology major at the University of Chicago. She plays a viola named Frank in the University Symphony Orchestra. Her favorite composers include Ravel, Sibelius, and Beyoncé. Outside of music, she enjoys coffee, food, and thinking about coffee and food.

Co President

Catherine Lee

Hi everyone! I am Catherine Lee, a second year from South Korea. I'm currently a flute player for wind ensemble and a publicist for Chamber Music Organization. As a new member of the group, I am very excited to help grow music community in UChicago! Besides music, I also like baking, taking photos, and exploring random places.

Vice President

Sarah Liu

Sarah Liu is a second year undergrad interested in pursuing a double major in Cinema and Media Studies and Economics. She plays the piano and flute, and wants to learn guitar. Outside of classes, she is involved in the Chamber Music Group, UChicago Arts Liaisons, CUSA, FEF, and Maroon TV. She has a small collection of original music compositions and is always eager to learn more about the world of music!


Sophia Fisher

Sophia is a first-year (probable) history major from Boston, MA. She played the cello for a long time, and the recorder for one fateful year in elementary school. Her favorite composers are Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Stravinsky, and Schubert, and she has been yelled at for playing Tchaikovsky symphonies too loudly while writing essays. Outside of CMO and class, Sophia is on a litmag and works at the Reg.


Annie Guo

Annie Guo is a 2nd year Economics major, English minor originally from Princeton, New Jersey. She plays the flute and the piano but hasn't had as much time as she'd like to play in college and is excited to be involved in this organization. Outside of school and music, she likes to do yoga and cook for her friends.


Rachel Wang


Chin Ying

Chin Ying is a first-year Biochemistry major who has played the piano nearly all her life. Born and bred in Singapore (yes, far away; nope, not in China), she loves food, sun, running and pretending to be a great accompanist.


Sheung Chak

Sheung Chak is a current first year studying Economics at the University of Chicago. Beyond the CMO, Sheung Chak plays the piano for a string quartet, volunteers for the Neighborhood Schools Program, and performs research assistant work for the Economics Department. Sheung Chak plays pool, table tennis and basketball in his free time. Albeit a lost cause, he aspires to become Lebron James in the future.

Old President

Shirley Zhang

Shirley Zhang is a fourth year economics major and music minor. Outside of school and CMO, she is the cellist of the Rubicon Quartet, is on the competitive Chicago Raas team, and doesn't do research at Booth. When she's not doing these things, you can probably find her reading or watching the Great British Bake Off. Born and raised in Texas, Shirley harbors a deep love-hate relationship with the Lone Star state.

Old Vice President

Annie Chen

Annie Chen is a fourth year Computer Science major. She plays viola in way too many things, and used to play piano but is now reduced to awkwardly moving fingers along to random sheet music found in the basement of South Campus. Her areas of expertise include Facebook stalking, some sports, knitting, stuffed animals, and pretending like a year of SOSC has made her a prominent social theorist. In her free time she enjoys eating, the Internet, and making grand life plans she'll never fulfill.

Old Treasurer

Clara Kao

Clara is a fourth year Biological Sciences major from Cleveland, OH. She plays the cello and is currently a member of the University Symphony Orchestra. She’s also involved with the Taiwanese American Student Association and Colleges Against Cancer.

Old Person

Lily Chen

Lily is a fourth year Sociology and Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies major from (very white, very rich) Northville, Michigan. She plays the violin (or like, used to) and is facing the Queen’s rath for leaving the University Symphony Orchestra for half a quarter. She likes all of the Brahms Symphonies, Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto, and cries to Dvorak’s New World Symphony. She exclusively watches 30 Rock and Bob’s Burgers and procrastinates by peeing and showering. She has a short temper, cares about people of color, and focuses the majority of her time on dismantling the patriarchy by yelling at random people.