Welcome to the CMO Library. Please read our policies below before proceeding.

Let’s say Lily wants to request music from the CMO Chamber Music Library. What should she do?

  1. Look at our informal inventory below. This is an informal, not official, inventory of our library. As such, we will confirm with you the availability of your request.
  2. Request at least one week in advance. We can’t get the music to you otherwise.
  3. Fill out the request form below.
  4. If your music is not available, we will notify you immediately.
  5. The CMO Librarian will contact you/you will be notified when your music is ready for pickup. There will be a set time and place every week for you to pick up your music. OR The CMO Librarian will let you know when and where to pick up your music. This is also the same time you will use to return your music.
  6. Return the music by the end of 10th week. 1 week before your due date, the Librarian will send you an email reminding you that your music is due and where to return it to.
  7. If you wish to renew your music for another quarter, submit a renewal request below. Music may only be renewed once.
  8. If your music is lost, the Librarian will notify you of a strike. We operate on a three strike system, where on the third you will pay monetarily for your music. You are responsible for procuring the requisite funds to replace the music. The Librarian will arrange to pick up the money.
  9. If your music is deemed unusable*, step 8 also applies.

*What is usable and unusable music?

  • Usable music is music that is marked lightly, neatly, and judiciously but that still allows for future musicians to read from it with ease. Acceptable markings are: minimal fingerings, measure numbers, etc. These markings may be left in the music.
  • Unusable music is music that has markings that obscures legibility and what is on the page. This includes large words, dark markings, dynamic markings, personal notes, pictures, and deep erasure marks. These markings will cause your music to be deemed unusable and require payment.
If you anticipate marking up our parts extensively, photocopy all music. This is an act of respect towards CMO resources and your fellow musicians.